Recorded on26th August 2021

Ian is the Technical Lead Physiotherapist at the English Institute of Sport, and Clinical Director of Back in Action Rehabilitation (UK).  Ian has a PhD  in musculoskeletal causes of shoulder injuries in professional rugby. 

In this webinar Ian presents considerations for return to play testing for the shoulder when considering returning to sport.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Process of returning athletes to participation after injury
  • Physical Performance Tests (PPTs) for the shoulder
  • Validity of functional tests for clinical measures of strength. 
  • How to select Physical Performance Tests (PPTs) for appropriate stages in the return-to-participation continuum. 
  • How to select PPTs based on needs analysis of the athlete and the sport.

CPD certificates provided.

Study time1 hour


Excellent content


Excellent content. Felt able to relate back to and use in practice easily.

Great webinar


Thank you. Continue to be as practical and clinically relevant as possible .


Dr Ian Horsley


Lead Physiotherapist for the English Institute of Sport, and clinical director of Back In Action Rehabilitation, in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

He completed his PhD, in examining musculoskeletal causes of shoulder injuries within professional rugby, and is currently reviewing the role of physiotherapy within the management of musculoskeletal injury.

He worked as part of the HQ medical team for Team England at the 2010 and 2014 Commonwealth Games and was a member of the Team GB medical team at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

Ian is a member of the Education Committees for The British Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS) and the European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation. (EUSSEE).