Recorded on: 8th February 2023
12 months 

Presented by: Dr Kieran Richardson, FACP
Hosted by: Angela Cadogan (Physio Academy)

A long-held belief in musculoskeletal injury management is that ACL tears never heal. This misconception is now being heavily questioned. Hear the latest evidence and the implications this has for the management of ACL tears.

In this webinar Kieran talks about his personal journey with ACL tear management and his change in practice towards assessing for ACL healing capacity. 

In the webinar he covers: 

  • Historical views of ACL management 
  • Mass media/Google views 
  • Pathophysiology of healing/types of healing 
  • Current literature suggesting ACL tears can heal 
  • Case study examples 
  • Advice and recommendations 
  • Opportunities and challenges 
  • Time for questions and answers 

By the end of this webinar you will understand: 

  1. Current research base for ACL healing 
  2. What to advise patients soon after their ACL injury 
  3. What this can mean for Westernised healthcare systems 

Study time: 1 hour approximately.

CPD certificate provided.

Icons & text

  • Reference articles

    Pdf downloads of 2 recent and significant research articles on ACL healing and rehab.

  • Blog

    Kieran's blog on ACL tears, healing, current evidence for management and case studies.

  • ACL research summary

    Summary list and links to over 20 recent ACL research articles.

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  • CPD Certificate

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Great webinar


Amazing lecture. Brilliant. Thank you for this because finding quality CPD has been challenging.



Excellent thought provoking.

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Instructor Dr Kieran Richardson

Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy), Master of Clinical Physiotherapy, Fellow at the Australian College of Physiotherapists

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Director – Global Specialist Physiotherapy

Dr. Kieran Richardson is a Specialist Physiotherapist and the Director of Global Specialist Physiotherapy, a consultancy company of academics and expert clinicians who provide Formal Mentoring, Professional Development and Second Opinion.

He has a special interest in Non-surgical Management of ACL injuries, having overseen 100’s of successful cases, including confirmed healed full thickness tears on repeat MRI. He has lectured at state and national conferences on this topic, runs live online presentations to clinicians, practices and large clinic groups, and second opinions for patients and clinicians wanting an expert non-surgical review. He also has a series of online ACL theory and practical workshops and tutorials for health care professionals.