Recorded Date: 8 September 2021
Presenter: Dr Margaret Potter

Whether it is discussing with a patient/client their non-compliance with your advice or having to performance manage a member of staff who is not working at the level expected we are faced with many challenging conversations on a day-to-day basis.

When faced with such issues the most common responses are either to avoid altogether or delay for as long as possible. However, this usually results in a bigger mess to deal, becomes a major stress in your life and consumes a great deal of your time. The best approach is to be proactive, 'to go early and go hard' but how do you raise your concerns without irreparably damaging the relationship? 

This webinar is a discussion on adopting a coach-approach to the dialogue and provide you with tips for navigating challenging conversations.

Study time: 1 hour

CPD Certificate provided.


Dr Margaret Potter

PhD, MSc (Sport Psych), Dip Phys

Director TELL Centre

Dr Margaret Potter has a background as a physiotherapist and more than 20-years of experience in both the healthcare and education sectors with expertise in staff development, leadership, mentoring and coaching. She is Director of the TELL Centre which offers the award-winning Teaching on the Run Program and is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. She enjoys working with individuals, groups, and organisations to optimise communication, teamwork, and workplace-based performance. Margaret is a sought-after entertaining presenter who will engage, inform and extend participants with an interactive approach