This webinar was recorded on 6 September 2021

In this webinar 30 minute webinar, Chelsea talks about her role as Vice President of Athletic Performance and Sports Medicine (Atlanta Hawks) managing high performance physio, S&C and support teams in the NBA. Hear some principles for getting support teams working effectively in professional sporting environments and whether the ‘kumbaya’ or ‘lord of the flies’ approach is best, or is it a combination?

Study time: 0.5 hour

CPD Certificate provided.


  • CPD certificates provided (0.5 learning hours)

  • Access to the recording for 12 months


Instructor Chelsea Lane

M.Sports Physio
High Performance Consultant

Chelsea is a Titled Sports Physiotherapist (Australia). She worked in Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand for several years. During this time she was involved in High Performance Sport programmes including:

  • Lead Performance Physio for the Athletics NZ programme
  • Tight team member for Sophie Pascoe’s campaigns in the Paralympics NZ programme
  • Winter Performance Program – Skeleton racing and Free Ski campaigns

Chelsea then spent 6 years in the USA working in the NBA in the following positions:

  • Director ofPerformance and Sports Med at the Golden State Warriors (NZ equivalent in being the HPD and the lead performance therapist all rolled into one).
  • Vice President of Athletic Performance and Sports Medicine (Atlanta Hawks)

Currently trying to be unemployed but finds herself working as a High Performance Consultant for National Sporting Organisations and some corporate coaching in New Zealand.